Vintage Lighting London

DCLX continues to build it's reputation as one of the industry's leaders at the forefront of vintage lighting in London. We provide private event lighting, corporate event lighting and fashion lighting.

Do you want to restore or rekindle a bygone age? We can help using new or reclaimed antique lighting. Perhaps the Art Nouveau, Deco or Victoirian era. With antique lighting we can recreate boundless possibilities with glass arts. Like the green glow of vaseline glass effect lamps or a lantern to transport you back in time.

Vintage Lighting London

Discuss your vintage lighting ideas with your Lighting Hire London & Event Production Company DCLX.  

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Vintage Lighting in London

If you are looking for a London supplier of vintage styled lighting, you've come to the right place. Whether for events or productions we'd like to help. We are a UK London based vintage lighting manufacturer and supplier of unique hand-crafted original vintage style lighting. DCLX have designed and supplied retro lighting equipment for both prop and working units.

Large filament vintage lighting

As the appetite for vintage lighting grows, DCLX continue to meet the demand for re-creating and rekindling a bygone age. Imagine rows of filaments lights in shows and productions that once bedazzled audiences from London's West End or mid-town Manhattan 42nd Street. If you want us to design long strips of lighting we can design them into your set or stage design.

Vintage aesthetics, modern lighting

If you need a vintage style for an exhibition, event or production, DCLX can help. With our modern fixtures and fittings, we use the latest lighting and optics to give the vintage glass aesthetic you're looking for. We are an industry leader at the forefront of the trend for vintage lighting in London. Safety is always centre stage though. Our safety standards, electrical design and rigs conform to current safety regulations.

We have an inventive approach to bespoke vintage lighting. DCLX understand that you'll want to complement a premium design and a creative approach with exceptional attention to detail. And we will bring to your project, a will do can do approach that's on time and to budget, with a friendly personal service.

DCLX continues to build it's reputation as one of the industry's leaders at the forefront of vintage lighting in London. If you need private event lighting, corporate event lighting or fashion lighting then let's talk.

A London supplier of lighting for events and productions, we'd like to work with you. Call DCLX for vintage style lighting on 020 8819 8527.